It’s been a while…


Sorry for not posting for quite some time now, but I took a break and was gone a while. Did some travelling and the like.
(This, of course, does NOT mean, that I intended to abandon my projects.)

Now, that I’m back, I hope I can pick up work, where I left it. Although this will mean to get acquainted to tools, text and the lot again.

But, hey, look – I even got you a present: I travelled the world high and low and look what I finally found in a remote spot in New Zealand

Yeah, you’re right: Silverleaf trees. I had a look for FFuzzy’s village but since I had no honey on me… Darn, bad luck 🙁

I should really have known better 😉

Take care everybody…

P.S. Just noticed, that the pictures sadfully do not reflect how silvery these trees really look, when stand next to them. Too bad…

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