Next steps: Translating Dungeon Siege (ENG to GER)

As some of you might recall, the German version of Ultima 6 Project had some issues for some users if the underlying DS engine was the German Version. Some users reported that FPS rates dropped as low as 1 FPS in some areas when using German DS but everything being fine when using the original English version. This issue could not be solved by any official patch and was persistent throughtout all versions of DS suitable (e.g. LoA).

The obivious solution is to translate the English version of Dungeon Siege again in order to make the German game a joy to play while using the English DS. (Hereby getting rid of a vast amount of language mixtures along the lines of “SirJohn picks up ein Langschwert”

Much to my regret, this translation turned out to be “not done easily” by any means, as there are another several hundred files to translate.

This said, a good deal of files had been translated already for this project before I took a break.

So much for the round-up of where I left last year.

I just got back in touch with Alfie and Shad from U6P and being the kind souls, they are both are more than willing to assist me (again) on the technical issues I will run into, such as compiling the tanks required.

Now the last things to do to get me going where I left is to dig up my old (and already translated) files. I sincerely hope, I still have them somewhere 😀

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