Darghul – English

A Role-Playing-Game by Wolf Mittag

The next project I have the luck to be involved in is translating Darghul from German to English.

While some of you may still remember the good old DOS version of the game, it is probably old news meanwhile that Wolf is working on a new version of his game. „Remake“ is too small a word as the new game will be exceedingly more than only a whole new makeover of the old version. Though it longs to keep all the old and beloved unique features that made the original game so very special, even more options, NPCs and other features are added to the version to come

Thankfully, the Author, Wolf Mittag, agreed to let me fumble around with his work and hopefully create some enjoyable English version of this classic game in all-new frock and gown.

This time it is vice versa then. Consequently, I’ll be posting in English this time.

Looking forward to the expierience 😀