So, what has happened throughout January?

As for Serpent Isle? Not much, frankly…

As you might have read here, at the beginning of the month I stumbled upon the fact that some texts could not be displayed completely (while buying stuff from Standarr), and I turned to adressing this problem right away. So now there is one…or actually two fonts, which run in Black Gate as well as in Serpent Isle, with and without Exult. …Looking at it this way: there was some progress for Serpent Isle after all 😉
After that I finally managed to release version 1.5 for Black Gate – that had been on my chest for far too long…
A little I managed to work on Serpent Isle, too, though. 4 out of 9 NPCs in Sleeping Bull are finished meanwhile and since the last one I did was Ensorcio, I afterwards turned to the “Buying Spells” dialogues of all magicians – so these are also finished by now.

The translations of the individual spells themselves have been under wraps for quite some time due to the already created magic book graphics. Due to the limited space (vs. readability) in the magic book itself a few of which turned out a wee bit “unattractive”. In this respect, “invisible” (instead of “invisibility”) and “mass cure” instead of (“mass healing”) stand out.

If you are interested in the remaining names of the spells – here you go:

1. Circle 1. Zirkel
Create Food Nahrung erschaffen
Cure Heilmittel
Detect Trap Falle aufdecken
Great Douse Alles löschen
Great Ignite Alles anzünden
Light Licht
Locate Magischer Sextant
Telekinesis Telekinese
2. Circle 2. Zirkel
Awaken Aufwachen
Destroy Trap Falle zerstören
False Coin Gold herstellen
Cold Blast Eisschlag
Great Light Großes Licht
Heal Heilung
Mass Cure Massenkur
Protection Schutz
3. Circle 3. Zirkel
Chill Kühlen
Columna’s Intuition Columnas Intuition
Curse Fluch
Enchant Missiles Geschosse verzaubern
Protect All Abschirmung
Paralyze Lähmen
Sleep Schlaf
Translation Übersetzung
4. Circle 4. Zirkel
Blink Reisen
Create Soul Prism Seelenprisma
Deter Abschrecken
Flash Blenden
Mass Curse Massenfluch
Reveal Sichtbar machen
Transcribe Übertragen
Unlock Magic Zauberschlüssel
5. Circle 5. Zirkel
Conjure Beschwören
Dispel Field Feld zerstören
Erstam’s Surprise Erstams Überraschung
Explosion Explosion
Great Heal Völlige Heilung
Invisibility Unsichtbar
Mass Sleep Massenschlaf
Summon Shade Seance
6. Circle 6. Zirkel
Betray Verrat
Cause Fear Furcht
Cold Strike Eisfeld
Create Ammo Munition erschaffen
Create Automaton Belebe Automaton
Dispell Illusion Magie aufdecken
Fire Field Feuerfeld
Fire Ring Feuerring
7. Circle 7. Zirkel
Energy Field Energiefeld
Energy Mist Todesnebel
Lightning Blitz
Mass Awaken Alle Aufwecken
Mass Might Superkraft
Poison Mist Giftnebel
Restoration Regeneration
Vibrate Vibration
8. Circle 8. Zirkel
Create Ice Eisblock
Delayed Blast Zeitzünder
Fetch Holen
Fire Snake Feuerstrahl
Invoke Snow Serpent Eisschlange
Mind Blast Todesblitz
Serpent Bond Schlangenwandlung
Swordstrike Schwertstoß
9. Circle 9. Zirkel
Death Vortex Todeswirbel
Imbalance Ungleichgewicht
Mass Death Massentod
Invisible All Alle unsichtbar
Spiral Missile Spiralgeschoss
Stop Storm Sturmstopp
Summon Kreatur beschwören
Time Stop Zeitstopp
Reagents Reagenzien
Black Pearl Schwarzperle
Blood Moss Blutmoos
Bloodspawn (Blutpaste|Blutschwamm|Blutherz|Blutlaich)
Garlic Knoblauch
Ginseng Ginseng
Mandrake Root Alraunwurzel
Nightshade Nachtschatten
Serpent Scale Schlangenschuppe
Spider Silk Spinnenseide
Sulferous Ash Schwefelasche
Worm Heart Wurmherz

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