What will (not) be translated

Not everything in Ultima VI will or can be translated. Here’s an overview what the translation will get you:

Opening Sequence
DONE (HEX edit only)

DONE (HEX edit only)

Character Creation
DONE (HEX edit only)

OK (HEX edit only)

DONE. Thanks to a tool from DreamMaster all in-game graphics have been translated.

DONE. Thanks to a tool from SkaZZ of Dementia Traduxiones the German Umlauts have been added to the game.

DONE. But much to my regret it is not perfect. Also the shortcut keys cannot be altered, and are still the first chars of the original command, line “A” for “Attack”.

System barks
Partly Only if it makes sense (HEX edit only)

Magic system
With limitations. Here and there I had to use extreme abbreviations to make spell names fit the predetermined space. If you wonder what some of the spells do, please have a look at the newly written handbook I provide – the translation of the magic system was the initial reason I did the handbook. 😉

DONE (HEX edit only)

Signs and tombstones
DONE (HEX edit only)

DONE. Thanks to a tool from SkaZZ from Dementia Traduxiones as well as his kind hints and help I was able to translate all item decription in the game.

DONE (HEX edit only)

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