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Serpent Isle is rightly considered one of the best games in the Ultima series. However, even in this game (because of its size almost inevitably) there are mistakes that remained undiscovered before the release. The ones I found and fixed in the translation are listed below. (Since the translation is still running, this is of course a “work in progress”)

– An Automaton in the game asks in which book a certain text passage can be found, but only accepts a wrong book as the correct answer. I was able to fix this by taking a text passage from the corresponding book instead. Alas, this puzzle makes sense again.

– The spell system was relatively ruined in parts. Often the spells used (uttered) did not match the correct spells and the rune labels on scrolls (Ophidian runes) and spellbook graphics (Britannian runes) did not match the intended spells. I made the changes of the Exult mod “SI-Fixes” my own and corrected the spells accordingly. Fortunately Dominus Dragon helped me with the changes of the graphics (again). The necessary corrections for the manual are still pending …but maybe I still have time until the translation is finished 😉

The corrections were necessary for these spells:

Spell Corrected version
Cure An Nox
Columna's Inuition Wis Jux Ylem
Paralyse On Por
Create Soul Prism An Mani Ex
Unlock Magic Ex port
Conjure Kal Xen
Explosion Vas Frio Hur
Estram's Surprise Ex Jux Hur
Cold Strike Vas In Frio Grav
Serpent Bond Kal Frio Xen Ex
Create Ammo Jux Ylem
Vibrate Uus Of Por Grav
Create Ice In Frio
Fetch Por Ylem
Fire Snake Kal Vas Frio Grav
Swordstrikee In Jux Por Ylem
Spiral Missile Uus Vas Jux Ylem
Stop Storm An Hur
Imbalance Kal Vas An Grav

2 thoughts on “Bugs fixed

  1. Isabelle H.

    Always appreciate your work on these gems. Will you publish your fixes & revisions for the English language game as well, as another Nitpicker’s Delight patch? It would be appreciated.


    1. SirJohn Post author

      Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. A Nitpicker patch is already in the works while I iron out flaws for the German translation. It will not be finished before End of March though, I guess. 🙂


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