The current status

Milestoene 3

Milestone 1 (Gypsy): All preparatory work is done, all graphics are Germanized, all objects (weapons, armour, objects, monsters, animals, etc.), signs, tables, spells, reagents and books are translated (reached Sept. 1st, 2018)

Milestone 2 (Monitor): All dialogs at the beginning, Monitor, Knight’s Test and Furnace (reached Nov 16th, 2018 / Jan. 9th, 2019)

Milestone 3 (Fawn): Northern Forest and all areas south of it (reached Aug 15th, 2019)

Milestone 4 (Moonshade): Moonshade and all surrounding areas (not yet reached)

Milestone 5 (Bestiary): Goblins and Gwanis speak in their own distinctive accent. (not yet reached)

Milestone 6 (Tardis – Traveling back and forth in time): Serpent’s Fang, All Ophidians and Automatons, All texts have been proofread for the first time. The beta test can begin. (not yet reached)

For the visually inclined people among you, here is the map of the Snake Island with the complete German playable areas (in color):

Map of Serpent Isle

As you can see, the translation is far from complete, but nevertheless a lot has already been achieved…

En detail:

OVERALL: Alle Grafiken (212/212) 100%
Text Einleitung 100%
Text Endgame Sequenz 100%
Beschriftung Gegenstände (1671 / 1705) 98%
Bücher (191/192) 99%
Quotes (not started) 1%
Credits (not started) 1%
Schilder, Tafeln & Grabsteine (244/244) 100%

I try to give you an overview of the status of the project, which is as accurate as possible. Unfortunately this is difficult because the dialogues of the somewhat 160 NPCs are spread over more than 700 files …to make things even worse, they are not spread evenly: some NPCs have all the dialogue in one file, others are spread over 7 or 8 text files. This was better solved in “The Black Gate” and especially in Ultima VI.
Therefore it will probably happen that the number of dialogues increases – or in rare cases decreases – when supposedly finished areas turn out to be only “almost finished”.

Accordingly, the following overview can only be exactly that: an overview without any claim to oversized accuracy. But hopefully it gives you an idea nevertheless…

Companions (5/5) 100%
Monitor (21/21) 100%
Furnace (7/7) 100%
Sleeping Bull Inn (9/9) 100%
Fawn Encampment (4/4) 100%
Fawn (14/14) 100%
Fawn Trial / Oracle (3/3) 100%
Gorlab Swamp (3/3) 100%
Dream Realm (12/12) 100%
Northern Forest (6/6) 100%
White Dragon Castle (3/3) 100%
Batlins Group (5/5) 100%
Moonshade (0/28) 1%
Isle of the Mad Mages (0/4) 1%
Monk Isle (1/6) 15%
Mountains of Freedom (7/10) 70%
Gwani Village (0/8) 1%
Isle of Crypt / Skullcrusher (0/3) 1%
Spinebreaker (0/5) 1%
Serpent's Fang (0/11) 1%
Ophedians (0/6) 1%
Other (4/9) 44%
Zudem: Handeln & Trainieren (63/65) 97%
Gesamt (167/247) 67%

Currently I work on: Moonshade

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