Hail to thee, traveler…

Glad, you found me.

Just a few words of welcome before you go exploring the site…

At the moment I busy myself mainly with translations in my spare time – Chances are, it is for these, that you found me 🙂 I just like language, German and English alike, so it was the obvious choice to combine both of them.

I translate (or ‘try to’) all kinds of stuff: books, posts, poems and also computer games (another passion of mine). Especially the Ultima series by great Richard ‘Lord British’ Garriott is an all time favourite of mine. As “Serendipitous Dragon” I have been proud member of “Ultima Dragons” for quite a while now. It is a loose community of Ultima Fans in all corners of this world.

Being online outside of the realms of the Ultima world I go by the name of “SirJohn”, a name that sticks with me ever since I had the great honour of being asked to help out as Community Webmaster at the “Home of the Underdogs” by the unforgotten Sarinee Achavanuntakul. For those amongst you , who had not the luck to experience this site at the time: it probably was – and mayhap still is – the greatest Abandonware site, that ever hit the light of day: in terms of size, popularity and idea alike.

The reason I write all this are the two differing names / pseudonyms I write posts on this site – so try not to get puzzled while your here. The Avatar pictogram is the same for both accounts (*hint, hint, nudge, nudge*) 😉

Take care,

SirJohn / Serendipitous Dragon …or simply “John”