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Hi everybody,

The German Language Patch for Ultima 9 – Ascension is done. 🙂
It is based on the last official patch that was published for the German version 1.18f – but as the latest “half-official” patch v1.19f does not change any text, speech or movies it is fully compatible with that. This is important since some distributors such as GOG has this patch pre-installed in their versions of Ultima 9. Simply apply this patch over the existing version 1.19f and you are done. No harm done and it runs flawlessly. While this patch was created having the english-only distributions of GOG and Origin in mind, the patch, of course works with all other non-german versions as well. So if you like it better, go hunting in some Bay or in other online-stores.

For the very same reason the patch is also comnpatible with the Forgotten World Fan-Patches v1.19g and 1.19h. For obivious reasons the Dialogue Patch, sometimes referred to as v1.20 or v160 is NOT compatible.

Even more important for some of you may be that the patch also runs fine with older savegames from the English version of the game. Only Journal entries already made will remain English. All new ones will be added in German after the Patch has been installed.

All books, dialogues and item descriptions as well as all Journal text are now in German. A second patch also translating all speech, and spoken movie sequeces is ready as well and will be kindly hosted at http://www.ultimacodex.com here: http://ultima9.ultimacodex.com/the-german-translation-of-ultima-9/ because my server is not capable of hosting such big files. Thanks for that to WtF Dragon!

Only minor things like an occasional graphic (“Cancel”) or the time a clock tells remain untranslated, but that should be manageable even by one who does not speak English at all 😉

The patch comes with an Installer, that searches your harddisk for existing installations of Ultima 9. In case you run more than oine instance, make sure to pick the correct one to install the patch. Existing original versions of the files are backed up before installation. Use it at your own risk 😉

Enjoy and let me know if you encounter any problems!

Sir John

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