It’s all going downhill from here…

I was once asked how I motivate me for such mammoth projects as an Ultima translation and then keep it up for years. I couldn’t really answer the question back then – and I still can’t today.
But what I do know is that personally all kinds of statistics help me to cut the work ahead of me into “digestible” parts and to cling to them. It’s as if you slowly reach your limits in a long run and say to yourself: “I can make it around the corner up there” followed by “to the edge of the forest now” and so on.
Today I have reached such an immensely important milestone (to me):

With 50.3% the amount of translated dialogues has crossed the magical “halfway line” – YES!

So I am “over the hump” at last – alas, it is all going downhill from here 😉

I evaluate everything possible and motivate myself with it, but this number is indeed a big hit 🙂 Especially because it was the last of my markers, which wasn’t over 50% yet. The rest sounds even better. A few examples:

Number of dialogues: 50,30%
Number of trading dialogs: 53.85%
Total number of dialogs: 51.29%

text in bytes: 54,76%
Text after files: 77,23%
text after lines: 52,88%

Moving forward …with the wind backing me up 🙂

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