Defining some Milestones

I needed some motivation markers on this “translation journey” and shook a few milestones up my sleeve for it. The three cities Monitor, Fawn and Moonshade, each with +/- 20 inhabitants and the longest conversations, are really imposing themselves for this…

Milestone 1 (Gypsy): All preparatory work is done, all graphics are Germanized, all objects (weapons, armour, objects, monsters, animals, etc.), signs, tables, spells, reagents and books are translated (reached 01.09.2018)

Milestone 2 (Monitor): All dialogs at the beginning, Monitor, Knight’s Test and Furnace are translated and completely playable in German.

Milestone 3 (Fawn): Northern Forest and all areas south of it are translated and fully playable in German (Fawn, White Castle, Gorlab Swamp, Sleeping Bull, Towers)

Milestone 4 (Moonshade): Moonshade and all surrounding areas are translated and fully playable in English (Moonshade, Monk Isle, Isle of the two Mages)

Milestone 5 (Bestiary): Goblins and Gwanis are translated and speak in their own distinctive accent.

Milestone 6 (Tardis): (Traveling back and forth in time) Serpent’s Fang, All Ophidians and Automatons are translated and fully playable in German, All texts have been proofread for the first time. The beta test can begin.