Two more fixes for bugs in the original game in Ultima 7 – The Black Gate in version 1.5

I’m just as as pleased as Punch atm 😀

After one week of tinkering I finally got it right: I fixed two more bugs of the original game for the German version of U7 – The Black Gate. So now there are 4 bugs in total, which you still encounter in the English game today, but which are fixed with the German version. The problems with the dialogues of Tseramed and Rankin hanging in certain cases or running in continuous loops I already fixed for version 1.4

For version 1.5 I was able to add fixes for :
– Fishing: the original size of the fish is “0”. Alas, Fishing is next to impossible this way. In the German version they are now visible and can be fished (and eaten).
– Iskander-Quest: This sidequest is not solvable in the original game, because a flag is not set properly. My patch also fixes this bug now. The only downer: after the dialogue with Iskander, Eiko has to be addressed before Amanda. Vice versa the quest is unfortunately only “half solved”. That happens due to another bug, which is not fixed.

Kudos for both fixes go to Natreg Dragon for finding the solution of the english version of the game. Thanks to him!

But don’t go run for the patch yet. Version 1.5 is still in the making and therefore not yet available – all this just had to get out now as I’m literally doing a happy dance right now 😉