Version 1.6 of the German version of Ultima 7 – The Black Gate available

Hi everybody,

I just released version 1.6 of the language patch for download.

In detail version 1.6 brings you the following improvements and bugfixes:
(Many thanks to Tribun Dragon for his valuable help with this version)
– Some signs & gravestone inscriptions were too long
– Some item designations and names have been changed or improved
– Some content inaccuracies and inconsistencies have been corrected
– Credits added (Tribun Dragon)

In addition, in the course of the test further adjustments and bugfixes have been made.
which hopefully will further enhance the fun of the game:
– BUGFIX (DE-ORG) In the German version, due to a code error, individual
Reagents collected were not counted and therefore could not be used for magic.
can be used. This now works as intended in the original.
– BUGFIX (DE-ORG) Analogous to the reagents, the same error occurred with individual
food. Also this could be repaired
– BUGFIX (DE-ORG) All sales dialogs that had more than 5 lines worked
in the German original not correct. I could not fix the error, the dialogue
options, but shorten them so that all sales calls have 5 lines or less.
and work as planned.
– Unlike the German original all NPCs now have gender-specific jobs and names
(e.g. male mage / female maeg have distinctive names in German: Magier / Magierin)
– The start screen has been reworked and shines in a new, old glow.

As usual the link to the download can be found at!



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