News regarding the German version of Ultima 7- The Black Gate

Hi everybody,

Nevertheless I was flattered beyond words, to put it mildly, when a week or two ago I suddenly noticed an increase in the number of visitors to and actually found a report about the Ultima 7 translation on the news pages of PC Games and Gamers Global.

A short time later Tribun Dragon, a longtime Ultima fan and connoisseur, contacted me again. A few years ago we worked together on the compendium for Ultima 6 Project, but lost sight of each other again. From a “harmless” reference to missing umlauts in the font for the books, a complete test round has gradually grown, at the end of which there will be a new version for the language patch, which benefits from Tribun’s knowledge of the Ultima series. To give you a glimpse of what the new version will bring:
– Some item descriptions and tags will be customized
– Some statements in dialogues and book texts, which are also wrong in the original, misleading or not canon-compliant are corrected.

In addition, two of his hints have spurred me on to “go troubleshooting” again. In addition to the text changes mentioned, it will therefore be possible for the first time:
– to use individual reagents. This was previously a BUG in the German version.
– to find NPCs in their German female spelling forms. In German grammar has different forms for male and female shopkeepers, sages, magicians aso.

Look forward to it!


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