Ultima 7 Patch Version 1.7 & new manuals available

Version 1.7 of my language patch is finished. There is a short list of new features, but it has a lot to offer:

The activated UltimaHacks alone are worth the update: they bring you a lot of comfort and will reduce your “click effort” considerably. What is possible with the UltimaHacks by JohnGlassmyer, you can find out in-game (the key combination ALT+K opens a manual about the hacks in the game) or check out the revised and redesigned manuals. In the “Book of the Fellowship” I have included an appendix that explains the functionality and possibilities of the patch.
The earthquake fix of ripsaw can now remain installed by default, because the cheat mode is now accessible via the UltimaHacks and can be switched on and off several times during the game.

I also included two installers. A command line based batch script and an installation wizard based on Inno-Setup. I would be very grateful for feedback as to whether they do what they should or whether problems occur. If there are no problems, version 1.7 is quite close to my vision 😉

The complete list of new features is included:
– JohnGlassmyers U7 hacks translated and adapted for the German version
– Accordingly, the game can now be started by default via the earthquake fix of
ripsaw can be started
– BUGFIX The intro text is now completely displayed (Thanks to “Cheerful”)
for reporting the error)
– Easter Egg (book) moved
– The contradictory statements in Erethian’s Introduction, Astelleron’s Diary
were replaced by textual changes in the Diary and the Golemns’ dialogues in the
and no longer contradict each other.
– DOS-Batch-Installer _install.cmd added to .ZIP archive
– installation routine (Wizard GUI) created and available as an alternative package
(InnoSteup format)
– 4 dedicated “_install*.cmd” files replaced by 2 more elegant “_toggle*.cmd” files.
These will automatically recognize the font and sound settings and change
these then. Multiple execution is of course possible.

Download as usual on sirjohn.de. Have fun with it!


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