Progress and setbacks over the last days

I was able to finish the dialogue for Devra in a timely manner – while “finish” is too big a word, as I noticed in the audition right afterwards…

What I unfortunately didn’t think of before (and hadn’t yet covered) are over 60 dialogues that were “outsourced” and aren’t part of the actual NPC dialogues: namely everything that has to do with buying and selling food, drinks, spells, reagents and potions or sleeping, changing money, negotiating and training.

I’ve sorted them all out and assigned them to the appropriate NPCs over the last couple of days, but haven’t translated them yet. Conversely, this also means that Monitor is “finished in German” only as long as you don’t try to buy, sell, etc., something.

I have adapted and updated the statistics with the current status accordingly (now there are 221 dialogs to translate) and I will first review the missing dialogues of Monitor, Argus and Devra before I venture on a new NPC.

Detention time 😉

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