Milestone “Monitor, 2nd take & first compromises

After the extra shifts of the last days the trading dialogues are now translated for Monitor and milestone 2 is reached (once again ;-)) *gg*.

Of course, there may still be one or two words or even a sentence that I overlooked and that still appears in English…along with a bunch of spelling and slips – but I’ll save all that for the editing rounds at the end. So long I regard these as “personal touch” 😉

First compromises are emerging

However, I still have some rather bad news – while I have not had to make any compromises in the quality of the translation and have not had to trick or cheat up to this point, I have just now run into problems with the trade dialogues with Standarr, which will probably make exactly this necessary:
Due to the quantity of weapon and armor the man has to sell and the length of the German names for them (e.g. mace -> Streitkolben) not everything he offers find place on the screen. While Standarr should sell for example the following weapons:
Nichts (Nothing)
Speer (spear)
Streitkolben (mace)
Langbogen (longbow)
Pfeile (arrows)
Schwert (sword)
Zweihänder (two-handed sword)
Zweihändige Axt (Two-handed axe)
Hellebarde (halberd)
Armbrust (crossbow)
Bolzen (bolts)

nothing is displayed after “Zweihänder” in the German translation, because simply the lower end of the screen is reached.

However, I also installed the new, simple font and of course I will check this with the original font, too. Maybe the simple font is just too big.

But what probably remains indispensable is not to use original names but either to substitute the enclosures (mace -> club) or to abbreviate (two-handed axe -> 2Hd. axe).

I will try to find the best possible solution but I still find it a pity :-/

I just hope there won’t be more of it….

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