Ultima 7 – The Black Gate & Forge of Virtue – German Language Patch is done

It is done!

The German Language Patch for versions of Ultima 7 – The Black Gate available today is finally finished and available for download 😀

The patch includes all modifications done to the binary code since the original German translation has hit the market back in the days. Alas it is compatible with versions available at Origin and GOG today. Also the add-on for the original game “Forge of Virtue”, which is included by default nowadays, is part of the patch and, hence, available in German for the first time!

The orginal German translation this patch is based on has been completely reworked, adapted to the new spelling rules of 1996 and in parts the text has even been translated again to get rid of several negligences of the original translation.

Download on my download site: sirjohn.de

The download linked above contains the Language patch as well as the manuals in German.

I hope you enjoy playing Ultima 7 in German as much as I had fun creating the patch 🙂


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