Ultima 7 German Language Patch Version 1.5 is available

I just released version 1.5 of my language patch for download on sirjohn.de.

A lot has changed since the last version. The most important new features and changes that come with this version:
With the help of Natreg Dragon I was able to fix two more bugs, which were fixed
in the Original game will continue to affect the gaming experience:
– BUGFIX (ORG): Iskander Quest now works. The English original is this Sidequest
– BUGFIX (ORG): Fishing is finally possible. In the English original the fish have
a size of 0. So far fishing has been difficult to impossible 😉
– Credits added (Bonus Artwork by bhaal_spawn)
– Another “Easter-Egg” added
– Both fonts (fracture and modern font) have been completely revised and the
linespacing has been reduced to such an extent that one to two lines more
text per page can now be displayed. This corresponds to the English original
– why the German Original font deviated from that, don’t know. The “click” effort
per dialog should be as follows but noticeably reduce it.
– I also used the opportunity of a new release to check out the Spelling accepted.
You always find something 😉
– Another text by Chuckles, which did not follow the rules of his game, I adapted
– The training dialogue with Denby didn’t work properly (you could train without
problems, but the wrong phrases were displayed, which ended in gibberish.)
I did my best but unfortunately it did not turn outperfect – the grammars are
too and the playing possibilities are too small.

If you want a complete overview of all changes done, compared to the old German version from 1992 and the English version available today, you can find the complete Changelog here.

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