Reworking this site: Moving all download content to another site

Hello everybody,

some days ago I started revising this page and the downloads offered here. Over the years it has simply become too confusing and unstructured.

Therefore I decided to move all finished projects (aka language patch downloads) to another site and to use this blog exclusively for the current, running and new projects, if there are any.

If you have found my work in the past to be good enough to advertise or link to it elsewhere on the net, please adjust these links accordingly.

Those (sites) of you, which I can identify over left referers I will try to inform personally.

The new page is of course free of charge and free of advertisements as well – the sole purpose of moving is to satisfy my love of order 😉

Thank you very much for your understanding and sorry for any circumstances that may arise for you due to the move.


Sir John

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