Ultima 7: German language patch Version 1.2

On short notice, here is version 1.2 of the language patch for Ultima 7.

I was able to correct the graphics in the main menu so that “gender” and “male/female” no longer overlap. In addition, I reworked the dialogues with Iolo and Lord British (minor changes only).

In addition, I have noticed (unfortunately only now) that the modern Antiqua font only works under Exult, but currently not under DOSBOX, and have provided the documentation with a corresponding note. I hope to be able to deliver a font file in one of the next versions, which will also make the font more modern and readable under DOXBOX. Dominus Dragon from the Exult Team has been a great help to me in the past 😉

As promised, this version is compatible with version 1.1. – Future versions will remain backwards compatible too 🙂

Have fun with the game!

Download on sirjohn.de

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