U7Hacks by JohnGlassmyer for other keyboard-layouts

If you don’t know the U7Hacks of JohnGlassmyer yet, you should definitely have a look at them. They don’t take away any of Ultima 7’s retro charm, but make the controls a little less tedious. In addition to two or three other things, they bring the more comfortable keyboard control from Serpent Isle to Ultima 7.

Since the hacks were developed for the US keyboard layout, they unfortunately lose some of their charm when played on other keyboards. I addressed this problem and adapted the hacks for different keyboards.
Currently I have finished: en_GB, fr_FR, de_DE and de_CH – for CH and FR I still need testers: volunteers please step up 🙂
If you are missiong the Hacks for your keyboard layout, please get in touch and I’ll see, what I can do about it.

For DE and CH the in-game manual was translated to German, for French I lack the knowledge.
In addition, the hacks are installed by default in the upcoming language patch for Ultima 7 (version 1.7.). With the additional bonus that the earthquake fix can now be activated by default.

Ultima 7 Hacks by JohnGlassmyer for FRENCH, BRITISH, SWISS and GERMAN keyboards can be downloaded on sirjohn.de

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