Sign of Life

Hi everybody,

I think my ‘explanations’ about the intended versioning of the patch led to more confusion and obfuscation than I imagined. All I wanted to say is, that the versioning will be matching the completion of the patch in percent as soon as Version 0.2 WILL BE out. Thereafter you can easily tell from the version number how much convos are missing: Version 0.7 will have 70% of all convos completed – this will be 70% of 201 convos – alas 140 NPCs talk German.

But up to then (<0.2) the versioning will be somewhat arbitrary – bear with me.

I also started working on the English patch (called “Nitpicker’s Delight”) with an English project site already set up.

Other than that, there will be no new version this week due to various private appointments that do not allow working on the patches.

See you all next week 🙂

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