Cosiran Dragon’s preliminary work

Cosiran’s preliminary work, which he did here, is really great. Until the work had come to a standstill, already Germanized have been:

– The well-known “opening credits” with the gypsy
– the Avatar’s companions
– the Cyclopes of Stonegate
– Lord British’s Castle
– half the population of Britain
– Cove

as well as
– Parts of the System Tooltips
– and dozens of books (there are over 100 different books in this game)

Unfortunately his work is still based on the milestone releases. In the meantime (the current version is 1.0.1) almost every single conversation file has changed (in the technical part of the file at most, but often also in conversations), there is still a lot of work to do to update everything: on the one hand, the conversations themselves have to be updated, on the other hand, all programmed changes within the files have to be entered and controlled manually.

So there is a lot to do….. Let’s get started 🙂

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