Ultima 7 – German Language Patch Version 1.4 available

After some weeks work I’m happy to finally be able to make version 1.4 of my German language Patch available.

This update hopefully is the “LTS”-version I hope it to be – I’d really like to draw a line under this project and move on … to new shores 🙂

This said, I think this (last?) update makes sense nonetheless:
– I have enclosed two optional patches (Earthquake fix by ripsaw & General MIDI Patch by Newton Dragon)
but more important:
– The Antiqua Font is finally working fine without Exult
– I was able to fix two dialogues, that do not work thorougly ok in the original version of Ultima 7: Tseramed (Avatar-Bug) & Rankin (Loop-Bug)

Download can be found on sirjohn.de