„Dweomer“ – a word J.R.R. Tolkien stole from the 12th century. Lord British has been stealing it back (*1)
I have been researching on how to transcribe this best …and as of now: I failed. It is used as synonym for „arcane arts“, easy enough, but I wanted to find a suiting equivalent for this peculiar word in German.

Tolkien actually used „dwimmer“, which derives from the even older middle-english „dweomer“. Following the line are from Old English „dwimor“, and from Proto-Germanic „dwemrą“ but neither language branch led to a nowadays German equivalent I could have used, nor is anything in hindsight I can come up with to cover it up.

So for now I have gone with „Arkahane Künste“ (arcane arts, faux spelling) …and it already buggers me *sigh* – I might at least slighty adapt the spelling to make the term a bit more outdated

(*1) (nods to U2’s Bono introducing ‚Helter Skelter‘ on the Rattle&Hum Tour 1987)